BelleWood Acres
Ripening Calendar

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Depending on the weather and apple variety, ripening dates will vary each year. If you are coming to pick a specific variety, always call first.

Each variety generally ripens for approximately two weeks.

Check our Facebook Page for current U-pick apple availability or call (360) 318-7720 to confirm what varieties are ready for picking or purchase.

BelleWood Acres near Bellingham, Lynden and Ferndale in Washington is home to an orchard of more than 25,000 apple trees that you can pick yourself or we’ll pick for you. Gravenstein, Zestar, Sansa, Sunrise, Tsugaru, Jonamac, Gala, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Golden Supreme, Jonagold, Belle de Boskoop, Fuji, Idared, Sonata/Corail, Orin, School House Red, BelleWood Prince, Mountain Rose and WA-2 are the apple varieties you’ll find for picking and purchase at BelleWood Acres.

Early-Season Varieties


Aug 25 – Sept 15

Terrific sauce or pie apple with a unique shape and Old-World flavor.


Sept 1–20

A relatively new variety that's excellent for fresh eating and cooking.


Sept 1–15

Fabulous for fresh eating, and also great for salads and sauc.


Sept 5 – 20

Great dessert fruit that will keep very well when treated like a delicate peach.


Sept 10 – 25

Gourmet dessert apple rated among the best eating apples of Japanese heritage.

Mid-Season Varieties


Sept 15 – 30

Great for fresh eating, salads and baking.


Sept 15 – 30

Touch of red with yellow color and deeply sweet.


Sept 15 – 30

Renowned gourmet eating apple, that's also great for baking and has exceptional storage capability.


Sept 20 – 30

Favorite on the East coast and good for all purposes

Gold Supreme

Sept 20 – Oct 5

Wonderful all-around apple that's excellent for fresh eating and all culinary uses.


Sept 20 – Oct 5

Excellent apple for fresh eating, baking, pies and sauces.

Late-Season Varieties


Oct 15 – 30

A rare treat in Northwest Washington, this apple is great for fresh eating and stores extremely well.


Oct 15 – 30

Tangy, tart and tasty apple that's terrific for fresh eating, salads, pie, sauces and baking.


Oct 15 – 30

Incredible balance of sugars and acids with a flavor that matures in storage.


Oct 15 – 30

Delicate, pear-like flavor that is a real treat for fresh eating.

School House Red

Oct 15 – 30

Full of crunch small in size, perfect for school age children.

BelleWood Prince

Oct 15 – 30

Pleasing mix of sweet and tart all around versatile apple

Mountain Rose

Oct 15 – 30

Heirloom variety with tart taste and long shelf life.

WA- 2

Oct 15 – 30

New apple yet to be named this year. It is late harvested and needs rest to hit its flavor peak. Our featured apple in January.


Grown with care, picked for flavor