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Whatcom Art Guild

January - February

The Whatcom Art Guild is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to supporting the visual arts in Whatcom County Washington since 1964.

The purpose of the guild is to:

Organize exhibits in which members may display and sell artworks, provide an environment in which artists can meet and exchange ideas and information, support life-long art education, encourage and promote the visual arts within Whatcom County, establish ties within the county that promote the visual arts, and promote member artists and the Whatcom Art Guild.

Prairie Sandblom

March - April

I was born in Ashland, Wisconsin and spent my entire upbringing in the presence of art, design and nature. I spent much of my childhood creating various things with my mother, growing up I was always surrounded by the richest colors and an openness to explore different talents and the freedom to create my own space and the reality I wanted for myself.

The wanderlust lifestyle I lead now and my love for the natural and cosmic world inspires me to capture the soul of my subjects through the eyes of childlike wonder and imagination.  Much of my work contains richly saturated hues and mandalas to represent the center of the universe.

As a self-taught artist I have had the time and freedom to discover my style which you will notice is very vibrant and psychedelic, my largest inspirations are works of art produced in the Hippie movement of the Sixties and Seventies and much of the artwork following the Grateful Dead. My all-time favorite artist and idol is Czech decorative and print artist Alphonse Mucha, who produced iconic works of art in the early 20th century. My love for drawing and painting will always be the one thing that will always keep me grounded and connected to myself and my history.

Everything I create tells a story, I can remember every brushstroke and the outside and internal forces that brought me to create each piece. Everything I have made holds a strong sentimental value for me, as every piece is a reflection of myself and are the product of a moment of bliss. My art encapsulates my passion, I hope to share to inspire and that my depictions of life as seen through my lense will awaken peace and creativity inside of you as well. 

Andy Freidlander

May - June

Andy Friedlander was born and raised in New York City. He and his family have called the Skagit Valley home since 1964.

Andy studied painting, theatre and music at Earlham College and found his medium in the theatre. After receiving his Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama, he had a successful 45 year career in the professional and educational theatre – the last 26 years as Director the Skagit Valley College Drama Program.Upon retirement from the college, Andy devoted himself to painting. First, creating abstract works in acrylics followed by more realistic/impressionistic work in oils.

At the core of his work is the fundamental interaction of color and shape, taught to him by his first acting teacher, Mitsuo Kakutani, a Japanese landscape artist and abstract painter. This teaching leads to an impressionistic use of color and a free form approach to realism. Andy draws inspiration from the Northwest landscape and its inhabitants. He currently studies with Colleen Hoffenbacker, a professional artist living in Bellingham.

Andy began taking photographs to provide subjects for painting. Realizing that the camera could capture elements of detail not possible in a painting, he began using the camera to capture close-up and complex images in nature – primarily flowers. Most fascinating is the inside of the flower, which seems to pop out to the viewer with sufficient backlighting.

Andy’s passion for music finds an outlet with the Prozac Mtn. Boys. Together for the last 20 years, they are an active bluegrass band that has played at Bellewood Acres many times.

Karen Theusen

July - August

Karen has been creating illustrations and painting murals for over 25 years as a published illustrator of children’s books, magazines, and a line of coloring and note cards. Her murals can be viewed around Bellingham, WA: outside back of Pepper Sisters, inside the restaurant EAT, plus the Mc Donald’s Play Places in Whatcom County to name a few, in addition to all the numerous residential murals in this area, Seattle and around the country.

She is inspired by the different elements of our environment such as form, texture, nature and color. The love of experimentation with different styles, mediums and subjects is an integral part of her work.

For 12 years she painted murals in model homes for a developer in Seattle. Each new housing development had multiple homes built near the sales office, all with different themes and color schemes. It was in this environment that the love of various styles and ways to work was born and nurtured. She believes that it’s the variety in art and the different ways to “see” things that keeps her artistic fires going.

Peter James

October - December

Whatcom Art Guild at BelleWood Farm in Bellingham, WashingtonStunning Landscape Photography by Peter James - Now in our Upstairs Gallery

Peter James photographs the extreme beauty of Northwest Washington in all it’s glory, and infuses his vibrant images on to specially coated sheets of aluminum.  His photos bring the life and color of the outdoors into homes and businesses across the country, and his purely natural subjects speak to the souls of all who view them.

Peter James’ exhibit will be featured in our upstairs gallery now throughout the holiday season, so make sure to check it out when you come for your apples, pumpkins, and holiday gifts!

Special Event: Saturday October 14th from 12-3:00 we will have an Artist’s Reception where Peter James will be available to tell the unique stories behind each of his unique photographs. We hope you’ll join us for this engaging event!