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Your Daily Apple Report! Apples Now Available!

HONEYCRISP $2.85/# In Store Available NOW!!! : Introduced in 1960 from Minnesota.Parentage: Researchers originally thought this new variety would fail and threw the new trees on the burn pile.One person saw the future of the apple, grabbed a few off the pile and planted them.The parentage was lost, but the Honeycrisp survived! (Update 2017 – it now has been documented that the parents are: Keepsake and MN1627 an apple unreleased and no longer available). They are harvested mid to late September. The Honeycrisp apple is continually ranking as one of the best apples in taste tests. It is a large fruit that is exceptionally crisp and juicy. It is a gourmet eating apple, with excellent storage capability under normal refrigeration. It also retains its white flesh color long after it has been cut. It is also good for baking, but tends to take a little more time to cook.

Belle de Boskoop $2.10/# in store: Introduced in the 1850s from a nursery in Boskoop, Holland. It was probably brought to America in the 1870s, and may be a bud sport of Reinette de Montfort. It is still popular in the Netherlands today. Harvested late October. An excellent cooker, the firm, crisp, creamy yellow flesh is rather acid and very aromatic. It keeps very well, and sweetens somewhat in storage. Belle de Boskoop is essentially a dual-purpose apple, suitable for both dessert and culinary uses. It works equally well in a savory salad, or can be used in pies, pastries and sauce or flans. Belle de Boskoop keeps its shape when cooked.

Fuji $2.10/# in store: Introduced in 1962 from Japan. Parentage: Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. Harvested in late October to early November. The flesh of the Fuji is extremely crisp and juicy . . . and actually improves with storage. It is great for eating fresh. While it is difficult to grow in our maritime climate, BelleWood Acres continues to explore strains that will “grow” for you. Check out the pockets of sugar.

Idared $2.10/# in store: First developed at the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station in 1942; it is a cross between two apple varieties (Jonathan x Wagener). The Idared has a white flesh with a firm body, and generally considered to be tart and juicy. For these reasons, it is very well suited for making apple sauces,pies, and cakes. It remains hardy and durable till the end of January, and can even last until June with proper storage. Harvested mid to late October. Flavor improves with storage.

BelleWood Prince $2.10/# in store: The original Red JonaprinceTM hailed from the small town of Weert, in the Netherlands in 1994. It was a chance seedling in a commercial orchard. It was introduced to America by Van Well Nursery. Known on our farm as the BelleWood Prince, it is a pleasing mix of sweet and tart. We call it our spicy apple! It is juicy with a crunch that excites. It is great for eating fresh, cooking and baking. The BelleWood Prince, a brother to the Jonagold shares the same parents: Golden Delicious and Jonathon. It is a perfect apple for the holidays.

Schoolhouse :$2.10 in store New (2010) to BelleWood as our mystery apple. It is believed to be a cross between a Gala and something else. Named because of its color and small size, perfect for our school age visitors.It is crunchy and full of sweet juice.Help us describe it!

Sonata $2.10 in store Introduced 1986, it was developed in Dresden, Germany. The Sonata is a cross among the Golden Delicious, an old English apple, the Orange Cox Pippin, and the Duchess of Oldenburg. The Sonata is a delightful apple, sweet with a whisper of tart. A truly smack-your-lips-after-every-bite kind of fruit. Dresden is the home to many great composers so it was given a musical name. The Sonata is a symphony for the tongue. Is is a medium-sized apple with excellent flavor. It is an attractive apple with a bright, pinkish red blush over a yellow background with a firm and finely grained, creamy color flesh. Like a fine wine, the flavor matures in storage.

Orin $ $2.10 in store Introduced from Japan, the sweet Orin is a true delicacy. In Japan it is customary to slice and share these apples with family and friends following meals and for special occasion. It has a subtle pear-like flavor, (some can taste Pineapple) that is a treat to remember.Parentage: Golden Delicious and Indo Ranks #3 in taste tests (Fuji is #1, Tsugaru is #2).

Other Varieties now available in store: Evercrisp, Sunrise, and Bosc Pears

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Located about six miles from Bellingham, and just a few miles from Canada, BelleWood Acres is home to one of Northwest Washington's largest apple orchards. You can pick your own apples and your own pumpkins from our pumpkin patch, and our farm market features fresh, locally grown produce.

Our all-new 14,000 square-foot building offers an expanded farm market, gift shop plus a Country Café and bakery.

This building has multiple venues and is available for your own Private Events.

Visit our Events & Catering Page.

You will love the ease of our wholesome Farm Country Café & Bakery and Dorie's Famous Pies!

* Country Café & Distillery Open Daily

The market and gift shop includes fresh produce, apple cider, artisan cheeses, caramel, specialty honey and jams, fresh honey-roasted peanut butter, and gifts from the farm and for the season. Our Country Café features light breakfast and lunch menus that include soups, salads, sandwiches, cheese plates, ciders on tap, pies, pastries, cookies, apple turnovers, cider doughnuts and more.

Our farm is open to you year round! We want to be YOUR farm for blossom time, planting time, lazy summer days and cool orchard nights and harvest fun. Christmas on the farm will be filled with twinkling lights, train rides, local trees and wreaths, plus warm apple cider. Let us help you celebrate all the Holidays in a special BelleWood Way.

Download our breakfast menu.
Download our lunch menu.

Menus subject to change.

U-Pick Apple Orchard & Pumpkin Patch
During the fall, explore on your own or board the "Apple Bin Express" for a train ride to pick your own apples in our 25,000-tree orchard. Continue on to Whatcom County's premier U-Pick Pumpkin Patch, home to pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Private tours of BelleWood are welcome, educational and entertaining. Geared to the age of your group, our tours are perfect for seniors, day cares, school field trips, scouts and church groups.


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Peter James photographs the extreme beauty of Northwest Washington in all it’s glory, and infuses his vibrant images on to specially coated sheets of aluminum. His photos bring the life and color of the outdoors into homes and businesses across the country, and his purely natural subjects speak to the souls of all who view them.

Peter James’ exhibit will be featured in our upstairs gallery now throughout the holiday season, so make sure to check it out when you come for your our Christmas on the Farm Event, Sleighbell's Ring! Additionally, the show is on sale for 20% off for the month of December!

Meet Artist Peter James at BelleWood Saturday, December 16 from 1-4pm!

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